Is Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. qualified to make Limited Production cars ?

We are proud to be able to serve this requirement and present the following resume: 

  • Chief Operating Officer -  Steve Lawing

    • Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree with honors

    • Associate of Science Mechanical Engineering Technology (ASMET) with high honors

    • Design Engineer at Ford Motor Company - Body engineering, component engineering, stress analysis, proto-type development, federal crash worthiness program, custom feature development

    • Engineering manager - Nuclear Power Industry - design and procurement of nuclear plant fuel handling systems requiring fail safe operation, development of safe practices and maintenance programs for plant operation.

    • Direct involvement with restoration, assembly, construction, design of approximately 300 specialty cars at Specialty Autoworks, Inc.

    • Directed the design and development of 2 complete limited production cars, unique custom street rod systems, alteration of computer controlled engine management systems for proper operation.

    • Personal involvement with street rods, custom cars, racing cars, replicas, and classic cars since 1960

    • Served in the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) as an Intelligence Operations Specialist with the 10th Special Forces Group (ABN) Bad Tolz, Germany and trained at the Special Forces Training Group (SFTG) Ft. Bragg, NC. and the US Army Parachute Jump School at Ft. Benning, GA.



  • Support Staff

    • Formal technical education, machine tool operating skills, welding training, paint and body tech school training, professional upholstery experience. 30+ years experience in automobile customizing, assembly, alteration.

  • Facility -

    • New construction 6000sf facility located in an industrial complex on a main highway with close access to 2 interstate highways.

    • Formal showroom and office

    • Machine tool and welding (lathe, mill, MIG, plasma, bending, cutting, sand and bead blasting, overhead handling)


  • Specialty Automobile Assembly - As the old saying goes "what have you ever done the first time that you would have not done better, faster, and less costly the second or third or fourth time ?"  Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. offers the broadest and most professional assembly experience available in the industry today for street rods, replicas, kit cars, component cars, and rebodies.  All aspects of assembly are performed in-house in order to control quality and scheduling.  Our staff training, quality assurance, shop layout, inventory, and choice of tools have all been developed and perfected during the past 20 years in conjunction with our experience of assembling over 300+ of these types cars.

    In real estate the three requirements for success are "location, location, location"  In the automobile assembly business they are "experience, experience, experience".


    Custom Design -  29+ years of professional automotive and mechanical engineering design experience combined with a proper technical education and facility allows Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. the ability to develop custom design automobiles or component systems.   Examples include complete replica car development, engine chassis conversions, inner support frames for fiberglass bodied cars, gull wing door structure and mechanisms, special chassis and suspension packages, convertible tops, air conditioning systems, and more.



How can I tell what type car other companies offer and their professional qualifications ?

Simply go to their websites and seek the same information provided as herein.  If it is not posted as part of their resume ask the chief principal of the company and get it in writing.  Qualified companies are proud of their background and skills and willingly provide whatever information you need to make important decisions in order to use their services.  You deserve to know who is going to put you and your family in an automobile to travel the highways at 75+ mph.