Suspension and Braking

   No matter how powerful or what type of engine you hang onto the rear of a VW Speedster the heavy rear weight bias creates some real driving and braking challenges that even the pros find daunting.  Throw in a little inexperience, wet weather or sandy conditions and you may have a problem.

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The answer to those challenges is a mid-engine configuration just like Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lotus use and even Porsche finally admitted with their 550 Spyder, 914, Boxster, and Cayman

You can now join that elite group with our lineup of 356A replicas.


Handling: approximately 45/55 front/rear weight distribution.

      Front suspension -

  • independent Macpherson strut

  • adjustable coil-over gas struts

  • rack and pinion steering


 Rear suspension -

  • independent

  • double upper wishbones with trailing arm

  • Adjustable coil-over shocks

  • adjustable spring rates and height

  • lateral lower arms






  • Power assisted  4 wheel disc

  • vented front 11" rotors;  10.5" Rear (varies with model)

  • ABS (antilock brake system)

  • DOT 4 brake fluid

  • Park brake handle correctly located under the dash