Appearance: Unprecedented Accuracy for 1957 Coupe styling and proportions


Correct   wheelbase, track, length, width, ride height 


      When we began the design of the custom high performance chassis for our Coupe we were unencumbered by the necessity to fit our body to a VW pan or the VW suspension components.

      We chose to use the dimensions and features of original 356 Porsches as our design basis and then provided a state-of-the-art driveline and custom suspension.

      This decision reflects throughout the entire car and is not found in any other 1957 Coupe replica.





Correct 1957 floor pan - more floor space than VW

significant foot well room increase - width and length

Correct Porsche tunnel

Correct non-floor mounted park brake handle 

356A  VDO  “style”  gauges             wood rim steering wheel 

Correct interior upholstery design for the model chosen







 painted wide 5 wheels - 5 lug bolt pattern for greater strength

  Correct 10 brake cooling slots for proper appearance

Correct  chrome moon hubcaps





Other significant appearance features :

                                                    high quality base/clear coat paint (most any color)               hidden radio/antenna