Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. 1957 Speedster  

 Standard Build Sheet  Summary: fuel injected 170hp mid-engine water cooled/automatic overdrive transmission/power 4 wheel disc brakes/ independent front and rear/hot water heat-defrost/ see more below


How do other  standard VW Speedsters compare ?

Typical industry example

Standard Cost  

$31,700.00  $21,000.00

Engine Type 

Subaru -4 cylinder horizontally opposed included VW Beetle 4 cylinder
Single Overhead Cams (2 cams)  no lash adjustments required  included single cam in block requiring periodic lash  adjustments
water-cooled included air- cooled

Mid-engine mounted

included rear mount



  2500cc       170 hp  166 lb-ft torque

option 1915cc 125 HP    $3500.00 option

Fuel delivery


Electronic Fuel injected - multi port

included dual carburetors - requiring adjustments

OBD II CAN-bus engine management system

Electronic using cam and crank position sensors -  (no distributor, points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, vacuum advance, timing requirements) included distributor, points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, vacuum advance, timing requirements

Emissions compliant



included ? ask your DMV

Trans axle type


Automatic 4 speed overdrive

included 3.88 VW 4 speed only  $300.00

5 Speed Manual Overdrive


Chassis type


All new - Custom designed structural tubular frame

included 40 yr old VW pan

Front suspension


Chapman strut  with adjustable coil-over spring

included VW torsion bars with trailing arms

Rear suspension


Independent (IRS) with double upper wishbones longitudinal trailing arms- adjustable Coil over shocks

included swing axle with torsion bars



New Rack and pinion

included VW gear box

Brakes (front-rear)


Powered self adjusting Disc-Disc (4 wheel) with ABS

included manual front disc only  $350.00

Park Brake


   356A style Tee handle below dash     

included handle between seats

Wheel base   Actual Speedster 82.7" 

(82.7" +/-)            ?

Front track    Actual Speedster 51.4"

(51.6" +/-)           ?

Rear track   Actual Speedster 50.1"

(50.0" +/-)            ?

Empty Finished weight (lb)       


* 1950   automatic   * 1800    5 Speed                

1950 # ?

Front/rear weight (balance)       


*44/56 automatic             46/54   5 speed S                                                 

44/56 +/- typically 38/62

weight/power ratio


(1850/170)   10.9#/hp   5speed    

 (1980/170)   11.8 #/hp     automatic


10.9 #/hp  

11.8 #/hp  

36#/hp with 50 hp VW -4 spd              15 #/hp with optional 125 hp VW

Wheel size


Original style  wide 5    15 "  10 slots

included 15x4.5   8 slots

Bolt pattern


5 lug

included 4 lug

Tire size



included ?

Steering column


New - GM style turn and hazard controls

included VW

Wiper system


2 speed/park/- cable drive

included VW swing arm

windshield washer 

included ?



195 degree hot water - abundant air flow

included air cooled- no heat/defrost

Body Finish


 Base/Clear coat System any color

included ?

Convenience features

3 point Retractable Seat belts - frame mount included $300.00
dual door mounted mirrors - period type included  

Fold down canvas top - Stay Fast type


Door Map Pockets

included ?

Kick panel storage pockets

included ?

Seat back storage pockets

included ?

Roadster Seats - tilt/slide/recline

included Spyder Seats  $500.00

Side curtains


Hazard lights - 4 way flasher


Vintage style instrumentation

included manual/anal

AM-FM-USB stereo

included $350.00

Interior courtesy lights

included ?

cigar lighter - accessory plug

included ?

Front trunk storage - locked Carpeted

included carpet  $175.00

Rear trunk storage -locked Carpeted

included not available

16  gallon fuel tank frame protected - steel protective firewall

included 8gal positioned over occupants legs

Halogen seal beams

included ?

full engine access for maintenance

included ?

discrete cup holder

included ?
wider and longer foot well included VW Pan




$26,475.00 #


# - How much would you have to add to the above VW Speedster to get the rest of our standard items listed below not found on the above VW Speedster ??  :
45 more horse power SOHC  mid-engine performance electronic fuel injection
electronic ignition automatic overdrive trans new structural tubular chassis
rack and pinion steering independent front and rear adjustable suspension rear disc brakes
locking rear storage proper brake handle location 5 lug wheels with 10 slots
no maintenance rituals 16 gallon protected fuel tank abundant heat-defrost (hot water)
 is there more ???...........  probably  

is it even possible to get these on a VW Speedster  ?

  Would it cost more than  $2225.00  ?  How about resale value ?

would these  be good questions to ask your VW Speedster dealer?