Charles' Jaguar XK120 DHC -Development- like so many of us Charles likes the classic British Jaguars but realizes and wanted to avoid their famous mechanical and electrical weaknesses.  We proposed a special project conversion of an Eagle Coachworks XK120 OTS kit into a 1953 XK120 DHC with a modern driveline and suspension.   It will be equipped with a fold-down convertible top, power windows, rear jump seat, and will feature a Chrysler 4.0 L I6 (195 hp) engine, Automatic Overdrive  transmission, Mustang GT disc brake rear differential and suspension, Mustang II front suspension, custom leather interior, custom interior wood work, air conditioning ....... much more.   watch the car emerge !

Xk1201.jpg (10879 bytes)                      Garddhc.jpg (14958 bytes)

                    Starting with this.......                                         ..........ending with this ?

GARD0A.JPG (7722 bytes)         GARD2A.JPG (8011 bytes)     GARD3A.JPG (5444 bytes)        GARD5A.JPG (7539 bytes)

Setting up chassis      Positioning Body Panels      establishing wheelbase       Locating engine/trans      

Gard7a.jpg (10143 bytes)      Gard8a.jpg (10091 bytes)      Gard6a.jpg (9683 bytes)                   Gard9a.jpg (6440 bytes)

establishing Windshield compound angles .. making buck for windshield frame mold       "A" pillar alterations

Gard12a.jpg (7442 bytes)                    Gard10a.jpg (9867 bytes)                GARD15A.JPG (7353 bytes)   GARD16A.JPG (5894 bytes)

rollup window alteration       cut out for fold down top               Final shaping of door skin bucks 

  Gard13a.jpg (7157 bytes)    GARD21.jpg (7454 bytes) GARD33.jpg (12218 bytes)        GARD32.jpg (11285 bytes)

 Steel inner doors/power window design                    finalizing windshield buck design  

GARD25.jpg (10161 bytes)       GARD22.jpg (8907 bytes)        GARD24.jpg (8988 bytes)

door glass and top bow development


GARD40.jpg (14036 bytes)  GARD39.jpg (16787 bytes)   GARD41.jpg (19598 bytes)  GARD42.jpg (15946 bytes)

windshield buck complete               final door skin - vent window - power door glass installation  


 GARD18.JPG (8864 bytes)      GARD19.JPG (8835 bytes)             GARD27.jpg (14784 bytes)   GARD26.jpg (19249 bytes) 

 narrowed disc brake 4 bar triangulated coil over rear suspension      fuel tank and filler installation

 GARD29.jpg (13727 bytes)      GARD30.jpg (15457 bytes)              GARD28.jpg (16851 bytes)

         trunk floor liner             welded steel wheel well                   jump seat and top storage area 




visit Charles's XK120 Construction to follow the completion of the Jaguar