•       A remarkably quiet and powerfully smooth engine even at 75mph + highway speeds - normal conversation is possible and you can hear your favorite CD

  •       4 wider interior utilizes the correct 356 steel floor pan not the narrower VW, steel floor provides additional road hazard protection not given by fiberglass floors, heat shielded and sound deadened floor

  •       Enhanced foot well  allows 6'-4" driver to enjoy our Cabriolet

  •       Electronic servo controlled hot water heater/defroster - abundant   high volume air flow - blended bi-level

  •       Significantly increased foot well room - a place for your left foot

  •       No more toes jammed against the VW gas tank bottom which is located over your lap in VW versions (ours is forward)

  •       High grade naugahyde interior

  •       Numerous storage pockets - door map  -seat back  -foot well 

  •       cup holder console

  •       wider adjustable (tilt, recline, slide) more comfortable roadster seats  

  •       AM-FM-USB stereo



  •     Power rollup windows

  •     Glove box

  •     Radio console

  •     Interior trunk releases

  •     15.5 +/- gal.  fuel  tank (nearly 2 times larger than VW) structural protection

  •     2 speed cable drive wiper system

  •     windshield washer

  •     interior courtesy light and dome lights

  •     more usable front trunk area

  •     rear trunk storage

  •     windshield mirror



     Available Options:    Custom wheels, air conditioning (heat-defrost standard), cruise control, various 356 cosmetics,  leather interior, fabric/carpet upgrades, California Style flared body to name a few.  Personally requested options will be made available where possible.