Our Cars at Car Shows


Specialty-Auto-Sports, Inc. does not build show cars and that is reflected in our prices, but we have never been embarrassed at the hundreds of attended car shows in 29 years.

Johnny's 356A Cabriolet

After driving 2200 miles from Tennessee to Los Angeles John washed off the bugs and Mojave desert dust and participated in the 2005 Knott's Berry Farm Kit Car Show where he was awarded "Best Speedster/D replica"................ then he drove back 2200 miles.

At the 2004  4th annual Rarity Bay Harvest Moon Car Show he was awarded "Best of Show"


Rob's Turbo 356A flared Cabriolet

Rob submitted his car to the 2007 Detroit Autorama review committee for consideration of participation .  His car was accepted as a participant in the "hand built sports class".

This annual event held at Cobo Hall hosts the likes of Chip Foose, the late Boyd Coddington, Bobby Alloway, and a bevy of other world class car builders whose priceless cars compete for the prestigious "Ridler Award".  This crowd knows specialty cars, quality assembly, show quality paint, and only worthy cars are invited.  You cannot slip one past these eagle eye conditioned judges.

Rob's car was awarded second place "hand built sports class"

The car that won was a $250,000 1960 Corvette that boasted 400 man hours of body block sanding prior to painting.  Do the math.  Imagine a $37,000 car holding its own in this rarefied air.

Johnny and Charles at the Tail of The Dragon road circuit in Tennessee  October 2008

Charles' Creme Brule Coupe

Charles attended the 2009 Carlisle Import/Kit and Replica show along with several other owners of our cars.

There were over 1000 cars participating in the event with at least 37 Porsche 356 replicas representing all of the notable 356 replica manufacturers.

Ten "Elite" cars were selected by the Carlisle Judges from the 1000+ show participants and only one replica was chosen......

just one:

Charles' Specialty Auto-Sports, Inc. 356A Fastback "Outlaw" Coupe

Congratulations Charles