Cabriolet features not found on Speedsters that you should know about


The Cabriolet has better forward -side - rear visibility .  Imagine driving a Speedster at night in the rain on the Interstate at 70 mph.


Notice the body integrated windshield on the Cabriolet vs.  the bolt on aluminum framed windshield of the Speedster


If the Speedster has to be covered standing still in the rain....imagine driving at 65 mph in the rain

Cabriolets don't leak under either condition




The Cabriolet has integral radio console - glove box - AC/heat outlets - power rollup windows-dash crash pad ...

the Speedster has none of these






  • Our Cabriolets have power rollup windows that seal very effectively against the top and windshield post

  • Standard Speedsters don't have any type of rollup windows.  They have removable curtains that store in the trunk and don't seal against anything.

  • See YOUTUBE "Why Do Speedsters Leak"


Convertible Top

  • the Cabriolet has a manually operated 5 bow scissor action taut fold down top that seals positively against the windshield header, windshield post, and side glass.

  • SAS now offers an optional Power Activated Top


  • VW Speedster top is a 3 bow lay back type that leaks water and air profusely at the windshield header and side curtains .

  • After 55 years of existence no one has found a cure though many have tried and failed......Until now.

  • New Feature ....... SAS power window system

Headroom  -  All SAS models have a 3.5"-4" lower floor pan than the VW pan versions

  •  SAS Speedster/Cabriolet seating puts your head well below the top of the windshield header and out of the wind stream.

  • VW Speedster seating has you looking over the top of the windshield with the wind stream in your face.  SAS Speedsters seat you 4+" lower

Convenience and Storage

  • Cabriolets have a radio console integral with the dash.

  • Speedster has no radio console and is hung below the dash.

  • Cabriolets have an integral glove box in the dash

  • Speedsters have no glove box at all