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 Turnkey cost for a standard equipped traditional style Speedster  starts at $31,700.00.

See the standard features for a 1957 Speedster   Speedster Build Sheet



Turnkey cost for a standard equipped traditional style Cabriolet starts at $36,100.00  

See the standard features for a 1957 Cabriolet  Build Sheet - Cabriolet



1957  Coupe "Outlaw"

1957 356A COUPE

traditional body style also available

Turnkey cost for a standard equipped traditional style Coupe starts at $37,700.00

See the standard features for a 1957 Coupe   Build Sheet - Coupe 



Flared fender Cabriolet                               Flared fender Speedster

The flared fender Speedster, Cabriolet, or Coupe costs more because of the wider body, wider suspension, and the more aggressive tires and wheels typically desired.   We don't just bolt on wider wheels.


Base Costs:

  (see standard features listed below photo of each car)

Standard Speedster    $31,700.00

Standard Cabriolet      $36,100.00

Standard Coupe            $37,700.00



Accurate body styling                                       Included

Correct interior (proper carpets and style)      Included

Reliability                                                         Included

3 Point retractable seat belts                           Included

Limited maintenance requirements (oil,belts)    Included

High MPG (32-40)                                            Included

Superior ergonomics (legroom, seats)              Included

200 degree hot water heat and defrost           Included

High performance mid-engine balance              Included

Ownership gratification                                   Included


Engine Choices

170 HP normally aspirated 2.5L SOHC                          Included

158 HP normally aspirated 2.0 DOHC                            alternate

265 -305 +/- hp Turbo  2.5L DOHC   manual only          $8000-9000

224hp, 243hp, 250hp 2.5L DOHC automatic or manual  $8000

258 HP 6 cylinder 3.6L  DOHC                                      $4000


Transmission Choices

Automatic overdrive (AOD)  4 speed    4EAT             Included

Automatic overdrive (AOD) 5 speed      5EAT            $750.00

Automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)  $750.00

5 Speed Manual                                                          $1200.00



hot water heat and defrost                                   included

bi-level air conditioning-heat-defrost                     $2100

Heated seats - dual zone                                         $ 395          

leather interior  (all surfaces)                                 $1400




Flare fender wide body                                                   $1800    

  ( 7” wheels and 4" wider suspension)

  Rollup Window Speedster                                              $2500

Power windows, scissor 4 bow top, weather sealed (no flaps),   hidden glass

 More about leaking Speedsters  


cruise control                                                                   $495   

luggage rack   (small)                                                        $450   



various  cosmetics - mirrors,  wheels, hubcaps, etc.     Inquire


The design of our water-cooled 1957 replicas emphasizes safety and performance as well as assembly efficiency.  We do not sacrifice quality, safety, or reliability for speed of manufacture.  Each car is carefully assembled and test driven at least 350 miles before being released.

Our 356A replicas are not "kit cars" that bolt a non-reinforced imported fiberglass body onto a 50 year old VW shortened chassis similar to past dune buggies.  We will happily give you the names of the other companies who build those VW cars, and there is a never ending supply on EBAY for those wanting instant availability.  We elect to present a custom designed and limited production automobile requiring skills and knowledge that go far beyond the typical VW kit car.


Can more really cost less ?

Since we no longer build the air-cooled rear engine VW version of the 356A replica for the many reasons shown on our website in addition to many we care not to mention,  the cost differential between the two versions is difficult for the uninitiated to see. The quickest way to make a cost comparison is to choose a “standard” VW based version Speedster from any competitor company and then add the cost for upgrading it with the items listed below:

(these are all standard on our cars......ask if they are on the other Speedsters)

170hp (vs. VW 50hp)

Electronic fuel injection

automatic OD transmission

rack and pinion steering

independent front/rear suspension

power 4 wheel disc brakes(11"/10.5”)

15 +/-  gallon fuel tank

correct width interior (4” wider than VW)

more leg room width and length

correct park brake location

accurate interior styling

roadster style seats (slide/tilt/recline)

Then consider our additional standard features they cannot do they address these shortcomings ?

mid engine performance

overhead cams

superior handling and braking

hot water heat and defrost

Universal  OBD II serviceability

rear trunk storage

Can you buy a VW Speedster with all of the above features for $31,700 ?

Check out our standard build sheet for a real comparison

Add it all up and you might find that more can actually cost less

 .....and what about resale ??

(Rollup windows are a feature standard available on our exclusive Cabriolet and Coupe version)

If you desire a written purchase proposal please Email or telephone your postal mailing address and any specifics you desire on the car.

Thanks again for your interest and good luck with your search for a 1957 replica.

                    Steve Lawing, BSME  
                         President                                               865-925-2500