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Since 2002 the original Subaru powered 1957 Speedster Replica

   water-cooled         mid-engine        EPA Legal

modernized brakes and suspension -   a true structural tube frame chassis

After 20 years of building VW powered Speedsters we launched an 15 year program in 2002 to develop our mid-engine water-cooled Speedster replica .  That effort also brought forth a  1957 SAS Cabriolet and a 1957 SAS Coupe as well





Our staff has a 35 year history of building  Speedster replicas using the traditional air-cooled VW Beetle platform format; however, this is the 21st century and cars and driving requirements have changed dramatically ........  

so we made some remarkable structural, mechanical, electrical, safety, appearance, and performance changes.




To begin..... DISCLAIMER


We do not use 45+ year old VW Beetle 50 hp air-cooled engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brake, fuel tank, column, or wiring parts or technology...none 


We do not use illegally imported Subaru engines such as JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)  which are strictly banned by US EPA and CARB for any on-road use.


Pricing and Options


We do not use "off road only use"  Subaru drivelines and wiring harnesses used in  sand rails and dune buggies ,which if used for highway use do not comply with the Federal US EPA Clean Air Act nor CARB (California Air Resources Board) and are considered illegal.


What do we use ?

 .........modern USA Domestic Subaru parts and technology, occupant safety features, EPA approved systems, common sense.

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contact:   SALES@specialtyauto.com

The original appearance of our beautiful  replicas is respectfully unchanged.

We faithfully retained the correct wheelbase, track, decoration, and shape for all of our traditional style   replicas.


Other  replicas cannot make this claim because of their adherence to the VW platform and components.


Our spectacular changes are beneath the skin and are our way of bringing into the 21st century the structural, mechanical, electrical, and safety systems of a very deserving classic car.




So what does all this mean to you ?    Simply put .....
  1. an engineered car versus a "kit" just put together by a body shop using an imported body.

  2. greater performance, braking, and handling

  3. better protection from the elements

  4. easier access to parts, service, repair facilities

  5. significantly better fuel mileage in spite of the high performance 

  6. significant improvement in occupant safety

  7. improved comfort and ergonomics

  8. A network of modern dealer and service centers to care for the car

This is a tradition our principals have enjoyed for the past 35 years on many other type cars, and we have considerable experience in this type work. 



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We offer 3 versions of replicas .....plus lots of options

 SAS Speedster


Speedster Appearance

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Speedster Build Sheet

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Chassis Structure - Safety


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 SAS Cabriolet


Cabriolet Appearance

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Availability and Cost

Cabriolet Build Sheet

Pricing and Options

Engine - Transaxle Choices

Suspension and Brakes

Chassis Structure - Safety


Cabriolet YOUTUBE video

 SAS Coupe


Coupe Appearance

Comfort and Convenience

Availability and Cost

Coupe Build Sheet

Pricing and Options

Engine - Transaxle Choices

Suspension and Brakes

Chassis Structure - Safety


Coupe YOUTUBE video

More    Interesting information


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want to know more ?........   Inquiries should be directed to

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lets' go for a ride in a 1957 SAS Replica 

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contact:  SALES@specialtyauto.com